01 June 2014

During my Maternity Leave

When I'm about to give birth, I planned to take 3.5 months of ML cause I thought that its good to leave 2 weeks of ML for any unforeseen circumstances. However this plan was out cause I give birth 3 weeks earlier than my EDD.

So I end up took 4 months & 3 days of Maternity Leave.

For the 1st month.. its Confinement Period. 

I cater Confinement Food

Those necessary tonics that postpartum ladies has to consume

Looking after this little joy

See how much she has grown...

I still look bloated after giving birth

Yes,  I'm a cow!!! I managed to express about 100 - 150ml of milk.
Now it's a different story.

Means that I can't leave the house, I can't bathe in normal shower water, I can't drink cold drinks nor can I eat normal food.

I can only wear long pants at home... wear bedroom slippers, tie my hair up everyday cause I can't wash my hair. Eat those food that has vinegar and ginger. My only joy?! When I have to bring Danielle back to her PD for review and vaccinations and when I go for my post natal check up.

My confinement month passes by with much difficulties in the beginning but I'm thankful that helping hands was given!!! Super super thankful.

2nd month of maternity leave...

Continue to enjoy my confinement food.

Change my hairstyle and I hate it!

Danielle's full month!!

Ai yo.. Little Miss Botak!

Danielle's gift!!

Her 2nd visit to PD

We invested in Ergobaby carrier

I think she is getting use to her new hairstyle

A selfie with Dani girl

I still prefer this hairstyle

I basically continue to confine at home cause my Danielle is still quite young so we didn't dare to venture out much. Only once in a while.. Though I did have a few days to do my errands cause Hubs has a week of holiday and he gladly helped me to look after baby while I was out!

3rd month of maternity leave...

I decided that 2 months of confining at home is enough. In order to keep my sane... I decided to bring Danielle out. As that time I still have a maid so it's pretty easy for me to bring Danielle out. Just that I need to reach home by 6.30pm. 

Bought her out to Plaza Sing for lunch

Someone is getting abit chubby!

Had movie date night with hubs

I love Dim Sum

Danielle.. not so much but she managed to sleep in the noisy restaurant.

Meet my gf, A for brunch. She is gonna due anytime soon

Dani girl bonding with ah ma

4th month of maternity leave..

Ever since she enter infant care, I buy more of such PJs for Dani

My best purchase from TB. Fisher-Price Seahorse

My smiley baby even when she is having a fever

We admitted her cause her temp reading hit 38.4

By this month, we've sent our maid back for good. And Danielle has started her Infant Care. So weekdays afternoon is free time for me. I managed to do my nails, spa, shopping and even movie time! Meet up with S most of the time cause she has lots of leave to clear. Went for high tea and shopping but it's too bad that each time our shopping trip has to end by 5.30pm - 6pm. Cause I will need to rush back home to fetch Danielle by 6.45pm the latest.

Actually I can fetch her at 7pm but I realised that most parents start to pick their kids up around 6pm - 6.45pm so I don't want Danielle to be the last one to be picked up. I know that kind of feeling when you see all your friends are being pick up by their parents and yours haven't.

The first 2 weeks of May went by fine.. Mid of week of the 3rd week, Danielle has a fever! I tried to nurse her thru the first day and second day, her temp is still running high till the infant care reject her.

Poor girl..

We admitted her in the hospital when her temperature hit 38.4 - 38.7. Stay in for 3D2N. Hospital Bill cost be $2.9K. Thank god, I'm still on maternity leave and luckily I purchase health insurance for Dani girl...

Now she is fine and back to her smiley active self!

And tomorrow I'm gonna resume back work!

Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one! Tough to head back to work after 4 months break.
I can't seems to recall my password for office use... =P

Have a great Sunday!


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